Our School

Hermitage House  aims to provide a warm and caring, co-educational environment in which each individual pupil can develop spiritually, academically, socially, culturally and physically.

Enthusiasm, self-discipline, self-motivation, responsible attitudes, Christian ethos and other worthwhile values need to be taught at this very receptive age for these qualities throughout life to be efficient.

It is vital that a solid foundation be laid at the primary level, if satisfactory progress is to be expected higher up in schools. It is therefore essential that pupils be helped to develop a positive self-image, which can be achieved through the discovery and encouragement of each child’s natural talents – hence the variety of compulsory activities and experiences on offer at Hermitage House School.


Education is the most important thing that a parent can provide to his child. That is why choosing a great independent school is so critical.



Monday-Friday 07h25 – 13h00


Monday & Wednesday 13h15-14h00 (Grade 1-3)
Tuesday & Thursday 13h15-14h00 (Grade 4-7)