Hermitage House is an independent school that offers all-round academic, spiritual, cultural and physical education to boys and girls. We welcome students from all denominations and faiths. All have Religious Education lessons and are taught morals and values based on the teachings of Christ. We provide a high quality of education. We aim to prepare students for the Independent Examination Board. This means we will use the CAP curriculum and keep in line with the IEB. We are a member of ISASA and we employ quality educators.

The academic programme at Hermitage House is based on the following objectives:            

  •  To create an environment in which boys and girls feel free to explore their world, to think critically, challenge ideas and to realise their own worth.
  • To allow pupils to achieve their potential according to individual ability.
  • To enable pupils to become aware of their personal Christian responsibility and thus enable them to make sound moral judgments.
  •  To create an atmosphere of enthusiasm wherein education leads to a deepening and sharing of knowledge, wisdom and insight.

Vital to the full personal development of each individual pupil is (i) a broad and balanced range of subjects and course offerings in the formal curriculum, and (ii) the emphasis within the learning process upon the development in the pupil of study and thinking skills, enterprise, self-discipline, integrity, and inter-personal skills.

These are seen as essential qualities for assuming roles of leadership and it is the School’s aim that pupils should leave school with their capacity for exercising innovative and enterprising leadership optimally developed, whatever their future sphere or level of activity.

Hermitage House aims to provide a well-balanced curriculum both intra- and extra-mural. The curriculum seeks to introduce pupils to a traditional range of subjects as well as subjects designed to teach important life skills and attitudes. Morals and values are viewed as a very important part of a pupil’s development. Great emphasis is given to the development of personal and interpersonal skills in these formative years.

In order to enhance the self-confidence of the pupils, which is seen as central to the development of leadership skills, each pupil is given responsibility, taught to communicate effectively and speak in public, and taught to think independently and to solve problems.

There is no doubt that the strength of the curriculum lies in its breadth and its design to produce happy and well-prepared children, confident to take the next step in their lives. The curriculum focuses essentially on four main levels: for more details please view curriculum and assessment tab.