Art, Drama & Culture

Culture evaluates a person’s total personality. In the cultural domain we often speak of “talented” pupils but what does this mean? Is it simply a qualitative term that cannot be defined? No, a talented pupil is dedicated and disciplined, someone who loves to work and achieve.

A talented teacher on the other hand is someone who is able to take a long range view of what a pupil may accomplish. Art encompassing music, visual art and drama is an ability inherent in every person simply awaiting development.

Unfortunately some children will never know the pleasure of discovering the joys of self-expression. Art is Science, Art is Mathematical, Art is a foreign yet universal language, Art is History, Art is Physical Education, Art is Spiritual, but most of all, art demands insight, demands reason.

Your decision to encourage your child to learn and participate in a cultural activity may be one of the most important contributions you’ll ever make to his or her education.