Curriculum & Assessment

Foundation Phase Curriculum

Grade: 1-3

In the Foundation Phase, Hermitage House pupils are provided with a learning environment, inside and outside the classroom, which is both engaging and stimulating. Practical lessons with the use of concrete materials provide learners with a fun learning experience. Our aim is to create a love for learning at a young age. Small classes enable our teachers to provide pupils with the individual attention they deserve.
Our Grade 3s write the International Bench Mark Test assessment compiled by the International Examination Board (IEB). The results of these are critically evaluated to ensure that our curriculum remains relevant.

Intermediate and Senior Phase Curriculum:

Grade 4-6 and Grade 7

As an ISASA member school, we enjoy the freedom of choice in our curriculum. There is no prescribed limitation on how much time, or the method, we have available to teach our children subjects. We are a Thinking School, therefore our focus is on teaching children HOW to learn, more so than what to learn.
Our Grade 6 pupils write the IEB Core Skills Test and the Grade 7 pupils write International Bench Mark Exams. The results of these are critically evaluated to ensure that our curriculum remains relevant.
Although the curriculum at Hermitage House is holistic and well-balanced, complacency should not be allowed to take root. An attitude of self-satisfaction is dangerous and stifles growth and innovation.
“Conserve and Innovate” is a statement constantly to be born in mind – conserve what is good and proper and works well, and constantly be on the lookout for new ideas. In order to be the best that we can be, the school strives to be at the forefront of educational practice.
As far as our CAPS Curriculum is concerned, the School is set to continue to develop a curriculum that is pupil centered – that is, a programme that meets the needs of pupils in the School. Outcomes (the results of the learning progress including knowledge, skills, attitudes and values) will provide the structure or checklists for the programme.