• Experienced Teachers in every class as well as an Assistant
• Safe and secure environment where children can grow and develop
• Hermitage House works to develop all the different skills that children need to develop:
• Gross Motor Skills
• Fine Motor Skills
• Emotional Development
• Auditory and Language Development
• Perceptual Development
• Social Development
• Moral Normative Development
• Independent Development
• Development of the Mind
• Daily programme that includes activities, arts and crafts and class music
• 5 days a week for all classes
• Extra mural activities (Swimming, playball, ballet, and Gymnastics)
• Daily programme is supported by CAPS (Gr. R). Day by Day (3-5 year olds)
• 3 Outings during the year
• Annual Pre-School Concert
• At the end of the year Father Christmas comes to visit Hermitage House Pre-School
• We have professional photos taken that parents can purchase
• Fun Fundraisers during the year for the whole family
• Graduation for Grade R
• Bilingual Teaching / Activities during the day
• Assessments 4 times a year
• Tuckshop (“lucky packet”) every second Wednesday


• Our aim is to teach our children great character traits which will brighten their future.
• With being a good person comes good education and a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE!

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.”