Primary School

Thinking skills are central to learning at Hermitage House. Our highly qualified and committed team of teachers shape our academic curriculum to develop each pupils’ ability to think individually, collectively, analytically and creatively.

Reports give a very detailed breakdown of achievement in various subjects, topics, skills and milestones. The way this is done is by achievement levels. There is a lot of meaningful information for parents when they drill down into knowledge and skills listed. The teacher comments give an overview of overall ability and performance. The CAPS are very clear on what is to be taught and assessed and at what levels. Our lessons exceed the minimum requirements of CAPS and provide a lot of enrichment.

We Know Our Kids

We’re a small school which means we genuinely know every child and what makes them ‘tick’. This, together with living our Hermitage House values, creates an nurturing environment where children can grow in ability and confidence.


It is our responsibility to send confident, capable contributors to high school and into society; through various activities and challenges, at school and during excursions, our boys and girls cope with the pressures of expectation, with the fear of the unknown, with uncomfortable situations, with the bitterness of failure, with the exhilaration of achievement and with the realization that, through each experience, they were growing to understand themselves a little better.

Quality of Character

Holistic education involves developing a child’s mind, body and heart, and in living our Hermitage House values to be honest, be confident, be compassionate and to be your best) we truly believe we send well-mannered and well-adjusted children onto their High School years, and beyond.