School Fee Structure


  • Creche & Grade 000

R 1 750 per month

  • Grade 00 & Grade R

R 2 075 per month

Primary School

  • Grade 1-7

R 3 335 per month

  • Discount will apply for the following:

    (Discount applies to school fees only, not to Polo Club Fees)

                       3rd child           –           15% discount on 3rd child’s school fees

                       4th child           –           50% discount on 4th child’s school fees

  • Polo Club Fees

All parents are members of the Polo Club; membership fees are charged separately as below:         

           Creche & Grade 000 – R72 per month

           Grade 00 & R – R95 per month

           Grade 1-7 – R143 per month

  • Aftercare Fees (Optional) :
    Parents who make use of this service will be invoiced to their account.

R520 p/m        –           FULL DAY

R320 p/m – HALF DAY

R50 daily fee  –           R50 per day

  • School fee payment is due by the 1st of the month, over 11 months.
    (1 January to 1 November 2022).
  • New applicant’s registration fee is R1 500 non-refundable and due on receipt of invoice.
  • Payments:

If you are unable to do an electronic payment, please arrange with your bank for a monthly stop/debit order.